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Reload Thread: DO NOT deal with Mx519

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    DO NOT deal with Mx519

    My friend and board member JessAlba452 was trying to buy a valentine 1 radar detector off this guy.

    He wanted us to pay in advance before shipment (typical) but she had heard about him in advance and that he might be a bit shady so asked to pay upon receipt of the item. He didn't want to do that so eventually she negotiated that she would send payment upon his production of a tracking # and assurance the item was sent out. We knew however that a tracking # doesn't mean an item was even mailed, but waited to check it out and an item in fact mailed. It turns out an item in fact mailed but it said 1lb was the weight so obviously she didn't pay for the item until getting it, and behold it shipped in an envelope and inside was a worthless baseball card with a price $384.00 listed on the item . It is a worthless card not even in good shape, not some sort of special card. He even went to the measure of pretending he sent some expensive card to us by mistake and to send it back there must have been a mistake but this guy is just completely full of crap.

    Moral is deal with reputable people if you're sending money first and use some method where you can chargeback! best bet is Paypal through your credit card so if paypal wont get it back you can do a chargeback (or better yet straight up credit card so you dont even have to deal with paypal)

    and the other moral is, DO NOT DEAL WITH MX519 or you likely will end up screwed

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    Re: DO NOT deal with Mx519

    nice looking out.....sux for him, he scammed and didn't even get anything

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    Re: DO NOT deal with Mx519

    Yeah Watch this guy I paid for an item over 2 months ago and it was one excuse after another right now I'm out $250...I'm contacting authorities on fraud...I may take a trip to temple texas first....I'll get my $250 out of him plus expenses if I end up driving there....

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